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Celebration at the Station

The Station Coffee Shop
A delightful coffee destination at 4400 Bienville Street

Walking up to this building reminded me why I love living in Mid-City. The owners of this gem, Megan and Jonathan Walker, had a crush on the building for years before turning it into The Station. It definitely shows! The architecture and color scheme of the building is colorful and so New Orleans (which is always a compliment coming from me). Seeing a cute garden outside didn't hurt my initial impression, either!

What a variety of tasty sweets and treats!

The aesthetic immediately upon entering is cozy and inviting. It seems like it would be a great place to meet friends to study and chat, or to post up in a corner with your laptop to work on your writing. After visiting, I checked out their website and found that my neighbor and friend since high school, Emily Perkins, was their "menu artiste." She created those colorful menu boards in back. New Orleans is SUCH a small town wearing the costume of a big city!

food display at the Station
Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts, so good you could go nuts! Give em to me, now!

I was thrilled when I peeked over at this display case and saw that there were even some SAVORY vegetarian options, which is rare. I can always indulge in the sweets, but it is not everyday that a coffee shop has sandwiches and savory pies that are meat free. I chose the chickpea, eggplant, and tomato filled pie. It reminded me of a chickpea dish that I make at home called shakshuka and was a unique find for a coffee shop. Lynx got the Earl Gray Lemon Bar. "Tea, Earl Gray, HOT!" Although he was initially hesitant at seeing it wasn't refrigerated, the consistency and taste were on point. I stole a bite, and I agree!

Hanna and I talking hair and the crazy amount of time we spend on it!

Hanna, our barista was super friendly and welcoming. The service was five star and she was easy to talk to. We talked about hair, naturally! I loved how cozy and cute everything felt and looked, and I can't tell you how nice it was to have a coffee shop experience with such a charming and warm barista.

This is me sucking down my absolutely delicious Frozen Coffee as I wait for my Chickpea pie! Lynx ate all his dessert (pictured), which means he gets to eat dessert! Yummy Hot Chai and an Earl Gray Lemon Bar. The inside of this place was absolutely amazing. I loved the books filling the bookshelves, the huge windows, and the high wooden ceilings. Perfect!

Doesn't this look like a great spot for a coffee date with someone you met on OkCupid or a study session on a pretty fall day.

Naturally, I had to "frondle" the outside foliage-covered wall.

This outdoor seating is really great. Usually outdoor coffee shop seating bores me or just doesn't really seem appealing. I loved this, because it gave of outdoor bar seating at a coffee shop. Much more of a social feel!

Love is all you need...

We thought this was a lovely ending bonus message!

Don't forget it!<3<3<3

And don't forget to check out The Station!

Check them out at and @thestation4400 on Instagram where you can see some more pictures of Megan and Jonathan Walker's pastries and coffees.

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