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French Quarter History Tour

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10:30 AM

Saturday - Sunday

Meeting Place: Washington Artillery Park

(across Decatur St. from Jackson Square)

Tour Info: 2 Hours, Small Groups (15 Guest Max), Private Tours Available! 


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Small group tour, customized for you! 

Break at coffee shop

Exciting history & hilarious scandal

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Iconic gas lamps in the French Quarter

Share 300 years of thrilling and iconic New Orleans history, on this small-group tour of the French Quarter. 


We'll discuss the early native inhabitants who called this land "Bulbancha", the place of many tongues, and used the spot as a trading post.


From the strange and unbelievable history of the French & Spanish colonies, all the way to the jazz age, this tour goes beyond just names and dates, to bring the real mind-blowing history of this city to life in a fun and sometimes hilarious way.

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“Amazing experience with Jackson! We loved it highly recommend"


Jackson Square, seen from Washington Artillery Park

Part One:
The Heart of the Old City

We'll start overlooking St. Louis cathedral and Jackson Square, once the historic Places d'Armes, the heart of our early French colony. Hear of colorful figures like Governor Bienville, who fought naked, covered in tribal snake tattoos, and underwent psychedelic rituals with the locals. We'll discuss the French, Spanish, African, and Anglo-American influence on our architecture styles, and see famous sites like St. Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo, The Presbytere, Preservation Hall, The Pharmacy Museum, Bourbon St., and Napoleon house. We'll see sites famous for food and drink, like the oldest restaurant in New Orleans, and the apothecary where the first cocktail was invented.

50 Minutes

Break Time at a Local Coffee Shop!

Get out of the sun and grab something

to drink on our mid-tour break

10 Minutes

This is delicious coffee.

Part Two: 
The Back of Town

For the second half, we'll see places like Congo Square, where African traditions, culture, and music survived like nowhere else in the South. We'll see the first rock n' roll, rhythm & blues recording studio in the world, and hear about some of the artists and playwrights who made New Orleans famous.

This five-star tour is a wonderful change of pace from the usual, and will give you a fun and interactive historical experience you will never forget​.

We have fun extras like photos & visuals, and Polaroid Pictures! Pose with your group in front of the beautiful architecture and take home an exciting snapshot memento of your experience in the unique New Orleans French Quarter!

50 Minutes

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