Garden District
Secrets & Scandals

Garden District History Tour

2 Hour Duration

Tickets $29


Available daily at 10:30 AM & 2pm Thursday-Monday

Private tours & other times available - call for details!

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All of our five star tours are small groups -- join us for a much more fun and personal experience.

Open a new chapter in our city's history, and find out why the scandalous truth about this lovely and mysterious neighborhood was only whispered about behind closed doors. We go way beyond the average tour in our research into the people who lived in the neighborhood, bringing you thrilling stories you won’t hear anywhere else.


First, our small group gets to know each other. Then, on to the history of Lafayette No. 1 (currently closed by the city) and our unique burials. Then we stroll through the Garden District, seeing the homes of historical figures and modern-day celebrities.


Hear the greatest stories in our history: Where was the headquarters of a general called 'Beast'? Who escaped an angry mob only to return as marshal? Which rockstar feud started in this quiet neighborhood, 15 years ago?


We'll see the architecture, discussing the popular styles in the neighborhood's growth, and many unusual homes as well! Stopping for a coffee break, we'll continue the tour, ending at the largest home in the neighborhood -- also a site from the Coven season of American Horror Story.


This will become your favorite neighborhood to explore in the city!

Meeting Place: The corner of Washington Ave and Coliseum St.

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New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery
5 Star Reviews

"It was my first time in New Orleans and this was an amazing addition to the trip... I will definitely suggest this to anyone I know who is heading to New Orleans!"

-Nicole K, TripAdvisor


New Orleans Garden District Tour

Part One: Lafayette Cemetery

About 50 Minutes

See New Orleans' historic Lafayette Cemetery and learn about the founding of our city, our unique burial practices, famous locals interred here, and our strong French and Catholic influence. You'll even discover the film locations of Hollywood blockbusters such as Interview with the Vampire and Double Jeopardy, both of which had iconic scenes filmed here!

New Orleans Local Coffee Shop

Break Time at a Local Coffee Shop!

10-15 Minutes

Get out of the sun and grab something to drink on our mid-tour break. Enjoy the AC and take a bathroom break!

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About 50 Minutes

Part Two: Garden District Homes

After your refreshing  break our group will venture out into the gorgeous Garden District where you might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity! The beautiful antebellum homes will take your breath away, and the stories that accompany them are always entertaining and sometimes even shocking. This tour is a wonderful change of pace from the French Quarter crowds, and will give you a fun and interactive historical experience you will never forget​.

Afterward come the Polaroid Pictures! Pose with your group in front of the beautiful architecture and take home an exciting snapshot memento of your experience in the unique New Orleans Garden District!

2 Hour Duration

Tickets $29

Available 10:30am & 2pm, Saturday & Sunday

Private tours offered - call for details!

Meeting Place: The corner of Washington Ave. and Coliseum St. 
(near the cemetery wall)