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Bywater Bakery Bliss

Bywater Bakery
Love that tiled step as you walk in!

The bright red building really stands out and challenges expectations of how a bakery "should" look. Everything about this place is just perfect, and I'm already dying to go back again to try what I didn't order the first time ( I ordered before noticing some really good looking lunch options)! We went to Bywater Bakery to meet our lovely fellow AirBnB Experience Host Moe Joe, owner of Moe Joe Gallery and creator of Bounce Fitness with Moe Joe! She offers a Bounce and Twerk experience that will make you sweat, smile, AND sexy. Bywater Bakery was actually her suggestion, and we couldn't have been happier with it!

Everything is very inviting and cozy when you walk in, and cute menu graphics and writing on the walls make it feel hip but in a way that doesn't really have to try. They even had paper straws! This was the first coffee shop I've encountered to make the switch from plastic to paper.

Mmmm! We were meeting MoeJoe for coffee, so I wanted to grab something quick. I ordered an Ice Coffee and Chocolate Danish, and Lynx got a Berry Danish. Both were delightful, but I really wanna go back for a Tofu Go Cup and Big Ass Veggie Salad among other yummy options.

Savory options, my fav!

Sweet treats! LOOK at those gorgeous cakes. Chef Chaya is amaze.

The famous Chantilly Cake!

Here is the lovely Chef Chaya, the fearless creator of Bywater Bakery who decided to add her delicious cooking to the mix of what makes NOLA special. As we walked out the door, I commented that I liked their sign (pictured next), and when she agreed we asked to take a picture of her awesome shirt!


This place had wonderful vibes, and very nice people. You can never have too many places like that in my book! We live in Mid-City, but this is definitely now a must stop for me anytime I'm in the Bywater.

Check out Moe Joe's Experience on AirBnb here

And check out Moe Joe's website here!

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