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Metal Mysteries & Stone Secrets

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10:30 AM and 2 pm


Meeting Place: ????

Tour Info: 2 Hours

Route is 1.5 miles. Please bring water and sun protection.


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Ancient African messages are all around us, in iron, in cement, in brick, in tile work.  Africa has many writing systems. The best known are most likely those from  Egypt: hieroglyphics.  Discover the messages of Ghana, Mali, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania that survived the brutality of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, secrets woven into New Orleans architecture. 


Adinkra Hene Tours build community!

10 % of the purchase price of each tour will be donated to local organizations working on Indigenous projects and trauma relief:

Adinkra Hene Tours is not a fundraising arm of these organizations, but want our guests to be a part of building community.

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Part One:

We begin in 711 A.D., after the death of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed in 639 and before 750 CE, when the the center of the Islamic world would shift to Baghdad. We follow a trail of details that chronicle the infusion of indigenous North African Imaziɣen culture in Europe.


Although Europeans use the term “Moors” to describe Muslims, particularly people from Morocco, Moors, or Berbers as they are also known, include anyone from the Maghreb region of Africa.

Maghreb, or Maḡrib, is an Arabic word, الْمَغْرِب, that translates as “where the sun sets, the West.”

The African Berbers of Maḡrib brought the art of smithing (blacksmithing in particular) with them from Western and Northern Africa to Europe. 


Although “Berber” is a common term in the West, it means “barbarian,” a negative word that does not reflect innovation or intelligence.  Barbarian or “Berber” was a term given to the Indigenous North African Imaziɣen by the Romans.  These indigenous North Africans named themselves Amazigh or Imazighen or Imaziɣen.  Their Imaziɣen geometric designs predate the Roman Empire and Islam.

50 Minutes

Break Time at a Local Coffee Shop!

Get out of the sun and grab something

to drink on our mid-tour break

10 Minutes

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Part Two: 

We continue on our journey through ages past into regions of West Africa, exploring writing systems of the Ashanti, the Yoruba, the text of Bogolan Fini and spiritual symbols of summoning used by Mambos and Priests of Voudon (Voodoo) all woven throughout 

local architecture.


Our tour concludes in the French Market in front of two Black-owned restaurants. Meals From the Heart offers traditional favorites like red beans and rice and

their signature Crab Cake Passion as well as amazing vegan gumbo.  Right next door, for more adventurous eaters, World Famous N'awlins Cafe' and Spice Emporium offers alligator, frog legs and boudin on a stick, as well as a fine selection of

personally crafted spice blends.

50 Minutes

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