New Orleans Immortal: A Surreal History Party​

Storytelling | Art | Mystery | NOLA


Imagine New Orleans storytelling mixed with a Murder Mystery, an Interactive Art Installation, and an Escape Room. It's an evening of storytelling, puzzle solving, and socializing, all while surrounded by and interacting with surreal art exhibits!


We're your Hosts, Jacques St. Germain and Madame Pontalba. We're prominent figures from New Orleans history and we also happen to be vampires! We’re throwing this Surreal History Party because we need your help to solve a mystery that will take us on a trip back through the juiciest parts of New Orleans history. We'll dress in full costumes and play multiple characters while telling stories of Old New Orleans.


Between stories there are puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover. You'll find Artifacts and Clues hidden in the exhibits and stories, all helping you solve a trail of puzzles leading up to an explosive finale!


We turned part of our house into an interactive art installation featuring several "exhibits" which bring New Orleans history to vibrant life. You can even go inside the pirate ship!


We wanted to create something really special and totally different from anything out there, and a few hundred hours of work later we're thrilled to say that we’ve done it! There is nothing else like this. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience ♥


And yes, there *will* be sea shanties sung by a Vam-Pirate!


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