We're Pandora and Lynx and we started Spectral City to bring a higher quality experience to our guests, with small groups, full costumes, and fun extras! Other tour companies take out up to 28 guests and that's just too many people. When we started Spectral City in 2017, we knew we wanted to do boutique tours focusing on high quality experiences and smaller groups. Our group sizes never exceed 12 people so you know you'll get that personal connection.


We can't wait to show you our city!!

Co-Owner & Guide / Performer


Pandora is a New Orleans native who is enthralled with her city's incredible history and loved to share it so much that she made a tour company!

"I love giving tours because I get to show strangers the magic of the city that I grew up in. It's amazing that I get to enjoy New Orleans history through the eyes of new people all the time! It's fun and rewarding to entertain and educate people at the same time"

Co-Owner & Performer


Lynx moved to New Orleans 7 years ago and has loved every day he's spent in this beautiful city. Originally from Michigan, he was ready to leave the blizzards behind and hasn't looked back!

"The best thing about giving tours is when a guest come up at the end and tells me that their eyes have been opened to a whole new layer of New Orleans history. It's so much fun to share the history of this incredible city. It's also so much fun to put on a costume and have a great time with a new group of people every day!"

Guide & Performer


Jackson is a writer, director, and performer with a passion for history. He brings the bizarre, hilariously absurd, dark and surreal history of New Orleans to life. He has directed films such as the historical documentary The Untold Story: Slavery in the 20th Century. Jackson brings New Orleans' history and cultural past to life in a way guests can take home and remember for years.  


JuJu (Julia)

Julia(Juju) is from New Orleans (born and raised) second generation. She has a love for story telling and entertainment as well as spiritually and mysticism. She has grown up hearing and knowing the stories of new orleans her whole life, and has invested a lot of time discovering where the lines between fact and fiction are drawn.



Charlie is a well traveled southerner with roots to some of the first French settlers on the gulf coast. He is about making sure everyone has an authentic understanding of New Orleans, the south, and the culture that makes us move. While not being a tour guide, Charlie is an actor and comedian that travels the country. 

I’m a history nerd who is always happy to share the legendary and complicated stories of our past, discuss the good and bad of our present, and pontificate the future. Thanks for hanging out with us!


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