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Archibald Montgomery's mansion. He was president of the Crescent City Railroad.
Mother of Perpetual Help shrine at "Skyscraper," a home owned by both Anne Rice and Nicolas Cage
Guests on a tour outside Lafayette Cemetery.

Garden District
Secrets and Scandals

Garden District Tour

2 Hour Duration

Tickets $30

10:30am & 2pm

Private tours available - call for details!



Peer behind the curtain, and find out why the secrets of this lush neighborhood were only whispered behind closed doors!






like a polaroid of each

          group, images of the history, & more! 

Tour inside Lafayette No. 1 cemetery.
Federalist style architecture in the Garden District
Angel in Lafayette No. 1 cemetery

Hear the history of Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery (temporarily closed), and hear about New Orleans's fascinating burial methods. See famous historical locations , filming locations, celebrity mansions, and more! We'll pull back the curtain on affairs, misadventures, Civil War intrigue, a rock star feud, and the shocking tale of Nicolas Cage's pink, 'Vegas-style' bathrooms! We'll end the tour at a witches' "Coven" from American Horror Story!

Take home a piece of New Orleans you won't forget!

Meeting Place: The corner of Washington Ave and Coliseum St., by the cemetery wall.

5 Star Reviews

"Must go on this tour! Truly a wonderful experience. Jackson was so knowledgeable and easy going. I learned so much on this tour. It was the perfect length with an awesome coffee break in the middle. The stories were detailed, enjoyable but the history lessons mixed in with humor and dirty secrets was the best! I laughed and was able to walk away with my first adventure of NOLA!"

-Katarina, Airbnb Experiences


New Orleans Garden District Tour

Part One: Lafayette Cemetery


See New Orleans' historic Lafayette Cemetery and learn its history. Founded in 1832, the cemetery contained mass graves in the early days, due to the fierce epidemics of Yellow Fever that struck New Orleans in the cemetery's first 20 years. One of the main ingredients to our tombs was mud: stucco cement walls over clay bricks. We'll get into all the details of our tomb construction and burial methods on the tour!

We'll share that the cultures who settled this uptown neighborhood were very different from the French Quarter Creoles, giving the neighborhood its own unique architectural flavor. 
We'll see the architecture, revealing popular styles from the 1800s such as Italianate, Queen Anne, and Greek Revival, while showcasing some strange and unusual exceptions.

New Orleans Local Coffee Shop

Break Time at a Local Coffee Shop!

10 minutes

Get out of the sun and grab something to drink on our mid-tour break.

Anne Rice's mansion in the Garden District.

About 50 Minutes

Part Two: Garden District Homes

Venture down famous streets like Prytania St. and First St., and see gorgeous Garden District mansions -- you might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity! The antebellum homes will take your breath away, and the stories range from entertaining to a little shocking. This tour is a wonderful change of pace from the French Quarter crowds, and will give you a fun and interactive historical experience you will never forget​.

Afterward come the Polaroid Pictures! Take home a snapshot memento of your experience in the unique New Orleans Garden District!

2 Hour Duration

Tickets $29

10:30am & 2pm, Thursday-Monday

Private tours offered - call for details!

Meeting Place: The corner of Washington Ave. and Coliseum St. 
(near the cemetery wall)

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