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Image by Brother Swagler

About Us

Spectral City Tours hosts small-group tours with extras that bring the history to life. Our smaller tours allow us to share photos and visuals of the history, as well as laughs, scandals, and inside baseball.



Director & Tour Guide

I'm a writer-director-editor with a passion for history. I directed The Untold Story: Slavery in the 20th Century, and counltess other projects you've probably never seen.

I've worked as a writer/director, journalist, video editor, and tour guide. Having working on a lifetime of productions with a small or limited crew -- two feature-length films, numerous full-length plays and many other projects, basically on no budget -- I'm well suited to the one-person-band style storytelling of tours.

I sometimes feel shy about sharing that I'm a director, because I don't want our guests to feel like the tours are theatrical recitations guests are trapped listening to. On the contrary, our tours are conversations, we love guests interacting and being a part of the experience.


Pandora & Lynx

New Orleans Tour Guides Small Business

We started Spectral City in 2017 to bring a higher quality experience to our guests. We spent several wonderful years giving tours to fine folks from around the world, but we have since left the tour guide life ♥

Jackson would like to add that they created a positive company that cared about giving back to employees.

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